Lam Kam Chuen

This is a website dedicated to the works and accomplishments of Master Lam Kam Chuen. It is an overview of his arts, his pioneering efforts and his experience of over 50 years.

Master Lam is a world-renowned authority in Chi Kung (QiGong) and Tai Chi. He is a Chinese healer who had helped countless people across the globe. He is a master of Feng Shui. He is an author of over 15 books. But his legacy is still much, much more.

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About The Master

This page is deiciated to Master LAM's journey in life that lead him to this day   

His Art

For a better understanding of Master LAM's experience, skills and art. This page introductions the Chinese mentality and the simple history of varies Eastern art.  In addition, the original of the arts.

His Publication

This page is dedicated to the books and videos which Master Lam has produced over these years with three major categories to his works: Chi Kung, Tai Chi and Feng Shui.

His Disciples

A list of people which he himself has acknowledges as his disciples to push out into the Western world and qualified to teach.

Contact / Link

Contacts and links in relation to Master Lam Kam Chuen